‘Teaching a middle school is more like an adventure than a job! ‘Said someone.

There is a paradigm shift in the curriculum as well as in the teaching-learning process for our students in the Middle school level from classes six to eight. Understanding the difference in the physical and psychological development of both boys and girls, the teachers are trained to handle the students who move into the adolescence period.

Teachers use various techniques to boost the vertical learning curve. Teachers and students explain and learn concepts through digital board and Power Point presentations. Students are taken to separate laboratories for various subjects such as Computer, English, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Library periods are a time to develop their reading and listening skills. By the time a student reaches middle school he/she is will be using a dictionary regularly.

Students are also encouraged to perform role-plays, make projects, grasp the practical knowledge of the subject and express creativity through prose and poetry pieces.  Concepts taught in class are reinforced through activity sheets and question banks prepared by teachers.  Teachers assign projects based on the chapter which require students to explore the world of internet to find more information. This helps students to be updated and informed. All aspects of the learning experience are geared towards preparing students for competitive exams at the next level.

Value Education is given as much importance as other subjects. Students are frequently asked to reflect on situations and events in their daily lives to develop their values and attitudes.  Teachers also encourage students to write a daily journal to develop their thinking and creative writing abilities.

The creativity and personality of each student is further developed through various extra-curricular activities. School has allowed a day in a week for extra curricular activities wherein students can participate in one of the various offerings for the academic year.  Students may choose from activities like cricket, football, karate, dance, vocal and instrumental music, drawing or photography. Students are also encouraged to participate in various stage events that develop their self direction and stage confidence.

Assessment is based on assignments, projects, teamwork, written and practical examinations, neatness, and classroom behavior.  Students facing difficulty in any subject are given remedial work.

We recognize that students in middle school undergo great conflict within themselves due to the changes in their body and mind. Conflicts with family and peers are not uncommon during this phase.  A school counselor is available to help students accept themselves in this phase and provide necessary guidance to both them and their parents.

Prayers are an important part in dealing with all kinds of situations, be it joyous or trying.