The senior years are a time for our students to implement all the valuable skills for life that they learnt and acquired from their experiences and their teachers into practicality. These are years when they have to be futuristic and more goal oriented and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Keeping in mind all of this and the current practices in education, our senior secondary curriculum is designed in such a way that meticulously moves towards a more student directed learning. A conscience emphasis is laid on providing hands-on experience to the students through planned excursions or field trips, cross curricular blended learning, live experiments, scholarly research work, seminars, presentations and youth parliament. There is paradigm shift in the process of learning wherein the focus is on the acquisition of cognitive reasoning, creativity and critical thinking skills within a holistic environment.

At Hebron, we believe that learning happens when we connect new information to what we already know. Therefore, the learning outcomes for every activity and trips are meticulously planned in a way that they are linked to the topics that are being studied inside the classroom. In this way, what the students have learnt from their text books comes alive for them and helps them to connect with the real world.

It is our desire that all our students strive to excel and open their eyes to possibilities that lies before them in the world at large, for this we have set a rigorous academic standard. We value not just academic excellence but an approach towards holistic excellence. In this level excellence is based upon scholars’ personal approach and motivation by teachers, a healthy competitive environment (stress is also laid upon competition with your past self), a student directed teaching and learning environment, subject enrichment and remedial classes (as per the prognosis and needs) and a metacognitive approach – which makes scholars analyze their own performance.

We at Hebron look forward to producing confident and skilled young adults to face the challenges of the ever-changing modern world. Thus, we provide our senior students with an array of opportunities beyond the classroom and beyond the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. These include one to one and group career and guidance counselling and profiling, a meaningful personality and character development analysis and education and timely interactive live sessions by eminent experts on topics of current significance.