Hebron School not only strive to provide quality in education but also care our students. Keeping in mind the safety and health needs of the students, yearly health camps and medical check up are organized with medical professionals and trained staffs. A first aid team is also available all round the clock in the school to help students in case of any injury or emergencies. A school health nurse is also available always in the school. The school is also approved of fire and safety from the fire department.

There is a provision for purified drinking water on all floors for staffs and students. There are separate washroom facilities for male and female students as well as male and female staff . Students in the lower grade level are always accompanied by female assistants to visit washrooms.

An infirmary room is available in case a someone falls sick during school hours and is awaiting further treatment.  Equipment such as wheelchair and stretcher are available to help students as needed.

An elevator is also present in order to assist physically weak and challenged students.