We at Hebron School provides various facilities to our staff and students to make the teaching-learning experience fun and comfortable.

In order to facilitate this, many facilities are provided including:

Classrooms –  Classrooms are spacious, attractive, and well-ventilated. Classroom layout reflects both traditional and modern teaching techniques. The classrooms are equipped with digital boards and there is a 24/7 power back up facility in case of power loss.

Audio Visual Rooms – Audio visual rooms are allocated with modern sound and light technology. These rooms may be used to show videos regarding cultures, economics, wild life, history, topography, and geography. These labs are equipped with several state-of-the art multimedia projectors with many accessories. These labs facilitate interactive teaching techniques, and open a world of interactive learning.

Computer Lab- A well equipped computer laboratory is provided for students to learn computer and also access materials related to their studies. The lab is equipped with multimedia PCs all networked to common file servers and connected to the outside world via the internet.  Giving students access to our computer center puts various educational software tools at their disposal, giving them confidence to sell their ideas to the world in the coming days.

Library – A wide range of books and reference materials are available in the library for staff and students. Students from middle school itself are guided in conducting research and are introduced to a variety of both Indian and non-Indian authors. The library is equipped with computerized database enabling the students to access the necessary books with ease.

Open Amphitheater – The school has an open amphitheater that can accommodate 200 students at a time. This amphitheater is used for special programs, as well as discussion, debate, and counseling.

Additional facilities include:

Auditorium – A large auditorium with a onetime seating capacity of 2000 people is available at the campus. It is furnished with modern sound and light technology with two state of the art projectors.

Garden Amphitheater and Park – Amidst the 10 acres land, there is a beautiful garden amphitheatre and park provided to students to play, relax and learn.

Dining hall – An equipped dining hall is set for staffs and students to celebrate and share love, joy and food.

Safety and Health– Hebron School is concerned for the health and well-being of its students. Yearly health camps and medical check ups are organized with medical professionals and trained staffs. First aid is available to students in case of any injury or emergency. A school nurse is also ready for any issues that may arise. The school is also approved of fire and safety from the fire department.

Counseling – A full time trained and professional counselor is available at school for students, parents and teachers.