1. That the bus fee will be charged for one complete academic session i.e. from 1st April to 31st March irrespective of when the students start boarding the bus.
  2. That the bus fee will be paid on quarterly or monthly basis and within the 10th of every first month of the quarter /month.
  3. That in case of failing to submit the bus fee on time a fine of Rs. 100-/ till the end of the month and with an additional fine of Rs. 100-/ of every succeeding month.
  4. The school acknowledges every payment made to through online and parents are requested to make sure that they save the receipts generated online for every payment they make.
  5. That the student will avail the bus service for one complete academic year and not be allowed to drop in the middle of the session, if child is in between the whole year fees will be charged.
  6. That if the student is found damaging the bus property, then the parents/ guardians will have to bear the losses.
  7. That in case of any mishap/accident the owner of the vehicle/firm will not be liable for any compensation whatsoever. The concerned Insurance Company would be entitled do the needful as per their norms.
  8. That the student should reach the specific bus stop, 10 minutes in advance.
  9. The school bus will not wait for any students at the bus at the bus stop, 10 minutes in advance.
  10. That the student should board the bus and get down from the bus on the same specified bus stop as mentioned in the application form/ bus pass.
  11. That the student should not keep his/her body (arms & head) out of the window of the bus.
  12. That the student should behave decently and maintain the same standard of decorum and discipline inside the bus as maintained in the school.
  13. During the time of exams or any other co-curricular activities, the bus timings and the bus stoppage may be altered to maintain the smooth operation of the bus.
  14. That in case the phone no/ mobile no. is changed; the same is to be intimated immediately to the school and the office of the bus service
  15. Bus is an extension of the school; therefore student must follow all rules of school in the bus as well he/she cannot bully/ hurt anybody with words or actions. Phone is not allowed to be kept / carried in bus.
  16. In case of hike in diesel price, being increased by more than Rs.5(Five Rupees) over a period of month or months during the academic year the Transport Fee may be revised.
  17. No bus facilities will be provided in between the academic year to the students who have started their classes on the commencement of academic year only New admission students will get bus facilities in between the academic year.