Rev. Mammen Joseph

Founder & Director


To God be the Glory,

It is my privilege to write a few lines on Hebron School, Shivmandir. Historically speaking, ten years ago I had envisioned an educational institution in this place. There has been so much praying, thinking and planning that has gone behind the inception of this very institution. There are many friends and family members that I need to be thankful to because of their unconditional contribution to the successful implementation of our praying, thinking and planning.

I have a vision to deliver education that works. I started schools with the singular objective to render high quality education at all levels at affordable costs. I strongly believe that rendering education is one of the highest services to humanity and I would like to deliver it with perfection and devotion.

Hebron School has a beautiful campus in the foothills and fields of Shivmandir, Darjeeling. It has state-of-the-art infrastructural, instructional, training and extra-curricular facilities. It is at this very place that I would like to see the international level of education being delivered to the children of our community with its roots been steeped in the very rich culture of our country. A rigorous academic program will be the core of this educational institution but co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will equally bring in the holistic education that will give an extra competitive edge to the students. Hebron School seeks to inculcate the desire and love in our students for their society and Nation.

I hope to meet you personally at this beautiful campus.