As Maria Montessori stated ‘Play is the work of a child’. At the kindergarten level we have designed our curriculum for the preschoolers emphasizing the play-way method of learning.

At this level we focus on encouraging children to come to school with joy rather than out of compulsion. Playing different games with the students is one the most effective methods to teach and develop their fine and gross motor skills, language, social behavior, personal awareness, emotional well-being, creativity, problem solving and learning ability.

We ensure that our students have experience with a wide variety of content be it art, music, language, environmental science, mathematics, and social relations because each is important for the development of a complex and integrated brain.

We encourage students to learn alphabets in the ease of writing letters according to its form rather than the routine A-Z. We train teachers to use digital boards through which letters, numbers, rhymes, stories, songs, phonetic sounds can be taught to our students.

Along with the chalk-board, paper-pencil methods, also play dough, water colors, playing with ball, sand, pebbles, sticks, beads, dice, blocks and various other methods are used for better teaching-learning experience. The phonetic sounds of the letters of the English alphabet are taught for better word building. The teachers extensively use picture reading to help the students grasp new concepts and develop the student’s listening and speaking ability. Upon completing Nursery most students can be expected to speak in English. 

Both vocal and instrumental music, dance, art and craft and sports is integrated along with the syllabus in kindergarten. Students are encouraged to participate in various stage events. We believe these co-curricular activities sharpen the student’s mind and are a means of developing confidence and learning acceptable behavioral patterns.

Homework is given on weekends, however activity sheets are completed daily in the class to complement the text book and reinforce each lesson. Also there is no examination for the nursery and lower kindergarten section. There is nil to less bag weight in Kindergarten level.

 A day at the kindergarten level always begins and ends with a prayer. Prayers are an effort on the part of the teachers to bring the little ones closer to God and self.

We want to help parents get to know our teaching methodology so they can guide their children along similar lines. We are always happy to meet parents to explain any questions or concerns they many have.