Live Bus Tracking System

The system is introduced so that you can track the school bus of your child. This is to help you know where the school bus is currently located and in how much time will it reach your bus stop and also for the bus to reach the school.

Introduction of this system is done so that parents can bring their students to the bus stop and also pick their student from their respective bus stop in time without any delay. As this system is introduced we will encourage parents to stop calling the drivers when they are driving as this is a cause of concern and also is dangerous. Only in a case of emergency please contact the driver of the bus. The bus from now on will not wait in the bus stop for more than a minute. You should be able to track the bus and you should be present in the bus stop before hand for the pickup and also during drop.

What do I need to track school bus?

You need a Smartphone with internet or data connection or a computer with internet.

How to track?

From a computer –

  1. Go to
  2. Place in your credentials such as “Login Id” and “Password”
  3. You will see button “Tracking” and click on the drop down menu of “Advanced Tracking”.

When the bus is moving it would be GREEN and when it stops it would be RED.

From a Smartphone –

  1. Download the application flitrack from the Play Store or the App store.
  2. To activate the application activation key – “Flitrack”
  3. On the next page put in your credentials such as “Login Id” and “Password” – as given below.
  4. Once you are logged in you would reach the Dashboard.
  5. On the top left of the screen you will find the menu button from where you can click on “live tracking”.
  6. You will be now able to track the bus on the map with its current location. Please zoom in or pinch into the screen to find the exact location of the bus.


If you are not able to connect or if you face any issues or problems please contact us or visit us at the school with your phone and we will help you.

For any concerns regarding the school bus or the tracking system contact us at 709 808 6450.


Please contact the school office for the credentials.

Student name –
Bus No –
Login Id-
Password –

(Please do not change the password in the application)


  • The school bus driver may change but the bus for the academic year will be the same.
  • For existing parents :- Please login to the bus tracking application. In the side menu bar click on Logout Once completed the process, please login with the new credentials.