Co-curricular offerings

Along with educational facilities, various co-curricular activities have been planned out for the students such as:

Golf Classes – This sport is taught to students in collaboration of the school with experts in this field. A lush-green ground will make this sport fun. The golf classes will be offered to the children from the eighth grade.

Photography –  The school has a photography club. Interested students are taught photography and the developing, fixing and printing process. Students are also taught digital photography and editing.

Music – All different types of music, singing and playing instruments are taught in school by experts from this field.

Dance – Dance from different parts of country including classical and folk dance is taught by teachers excellent in this field.

Play equipments: Indoor play equipment is provided for beginners to make school a fun and joyful experience. Playtime is always under the supervision of a teacher. There is also outdoor play equipment which is certified safe, from Play Ok.

Gymnastics-cum sports complex – Indoor sports complex is provided to students to learn gymnastics, karate and aerobics. Indoor Badminton and Table Tennis is also available and experts from the respective fields provide training.

Football – There are two large playgrounds that provide space for outdoor games such as football. Coaches train students to excel in this field.  The school will soon have a team ready to participate in district and state level competitions.

Cricket – For those interested in cricket, a large pitch and coaching is provided to learn this discipline.

Basketball – Basket ball is available for those interested, with large courts play and practice.

 Chess – The game of chess will be also taught by experts of this game with modern moves and techniques using computers and videos analysis of famous chess players of the world.