‘Every child is an artist’ rightly said by Picasso. To identify and develop the potential of our students is the objective of our curriculum at primary level. Students at this level are able to imagine and talk more. This adds as an advantage to explore their minds.

At this level, we can continue to teach our students through play, but especially to learn and grow together as a team. Teachers use their understanding of the students’ growth and development stages and to appropriately encourage, mentor, praise, and guide their students.

Between classes one to four, we emphasize on conversational skills, phonetics, reading ability, spelling, cursive writing skills, teachers begin to show the students the use of dictionary and mental mathematics. Hindi and Bangla are also taught at this level. The creativity of each student is developed and nurtured through various extra-curricular activities. Physical Education and Mass PT School happens every day along with assembly and also as a important subject in curriculum. We have allocated a day in a week for extra curricular activities where in students can choose to participate in one of the various offering such as gymnastics – cum sports complex, cricket, football, badminton, abacus, chess, basketball, table tennis, karate, dance, vocal and instrumental music, drawing or photography. Students are also encouraged to participate in various stage events that happens every month to develop their self direction and stage confidence.

Worksheets and activities based on each lesson taught are given to the students upon chapter completion.  This ensures adequate extra practice and enables the students to grasp the topics better. Thus, notebooks and textbooks are not only the source of learning but the student further explores the topic with the help of their parents to understand the chapter better. Teamwork is encouraged through games and projects. Students are also encouraged to complete projects in the classroom under the teacher’s supervision.  Digital boards are also used to bring the topics to life and enhance learning. Nature walks, teaching in amphitheatre and learning through play adds interest and joy in learning.  Students gain practical experience through outdoor activities related to environmental science, computer science labs, and regular use of science, language and social science laboratories.  Library periods help students to develop their imagination, story-telling, listening and reading and writing abilities.  Homework is planned in such a way as to minimize the bag weight.

Value Education is a very important part of our curriculum. Values are taught through songs, drama, drawing, and poetry writing.  Classroom discussion about their real life experiences and maintaining a journal help the students to apply these values.  A school counselor is also available for students to discuss any important issues with students and parents.

Assessment is based on submission of assignments, projects, neatness of notebooks, classroom behavior, and written and oral forms of examination. Worksheets and activities form a part of homework. Students facing difficulty in any subject are given remedial lessons.

A day at the primary level always begins and ends with a prayer. Prayers are an effort on the part of the teachers to bring these children to trust in Supreme One.  We desire that that parents understand and support our teaching methodology so that they can guide their children along similar lines.