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Worksheets for Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G

                                      a. Nursery – Click here to download

                                      b. L.K.G – Click here to download

                                      c. U.K.G – Click here to download

E-Book Term I for LKG to Class V

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Important Notice on Fee for Academic Year 2020-21

General Information 19/04/2020

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School Calendar 2020-21 

Important Notice – Results, Books and Re-opening. 2020 – 21

Bus Route Timing All Buses 2019-20 

How to Track School Bus

Transport Rates for 2019-20

Notice 16-02-2018

Admission Form updated on 28/10/2017

Transport/School Bus application for new and old students updated on 27/10/2017

Bus Tracking Know How updated on 01/04/2017

Transport – Bus Stop and Details for Academic Year 2018-19

Online Payment Instruction for New Admission 2018-19